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We stock a great selection of top-quality brands, models and sizes in the shop, but because bike configurations are seemingly endless (styles, components, colors, sizes), we can also special order bikes as needed direct from the manufacturers (lead times will vary due to lingering supply chain issues from covid), and can spec and build a custom ride just for you. We're your local bike shop, here to keep you rolling with all your cycling needs!

Brands We Carry

If you don't see a brand you want, give us a call at +1 (321) 939-2453 or email info@evolvebikes.comWe may carry it and just haven't added it to this page yet. We can also get other bike brands from our manufacturers (Salsa, Surly, Pure Cycle, Stolen, and more.

For our list of electric bike brands, click here.

Cannondale is one of the oldest and most respected names in cycling, and is known for their innovative approaches, such as lefty, system integration, and hollowgram. Very similar to Trek bikes, but without the big marketing machine.

For more than two decades the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, Ironman champion, age-grouper or Saturday morning enthusiast, they know you demand the best in order to achieve your personal best.

QR never stops innovating. Every bike they make is designed with athletes in mind, exclusively for triathlon. Built for a comfortable, FIST­-approved fit, they're all race-worthy from the entry-level Kilo to PRSix superbike. QR will not display in our catalog, so please contact us for availability. Most QR's are custom built to order. 

It helps that Electra has some pretty sweet cruiser, comfort and commuter bikes, but it’s their basic outlook on life that everything can always be made better, cooler and awesomer that helps them stay on the leading edge of the industry. Electra is now owned by Trek.

Bianchi was founded over 130 years ago (1885) in Milan, Italy and embodies a commitment to build bicycles as artisans with distinguished design, style and taste. 

Fuji seeks to motivate its riders to confront and overcome their daily obstacles — whether it's attaining fitness goals, living a greener lifestyle or, quite literally, climbing cycling's most notorious mountain passes. Fuji bikes will not display in our catalog, so please contact us for availability. Most Fuji bikes are special orders.

Since 1972, GT has provided riders of all ability levels with a trustworthy, reliable, rock-solid bike they need to push their own personal limits, and the limits of cycling. Their legacy is instilled in every GT design, be it BMX, mountain, road, or pavement bike. We carry some GT's in the shop but most will be special order. 

By combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer, ElliptiGO bikes provide a strong cardiovascular workout that eliminates impact on joints and allows people to get out of the gym and enjoy the outdoors. Where will you go? We also rent (and service) ElliptiGO's if you want to try before you buy!

SE produces innovative, market-changing bikes, such as the PK Ripper Elite XL, Gaudium, and the Big Ripper. And never losing sight of their roots, their popular retro line of bikes mix classic old-school looks with modern-day geometry. Gettin' Rad Since '77! SE bikes will not display in our catalog, so please contact us for availability. Most SE Bikes are special orders.

European brand Biria Bikes prides itself in being innovative, consumer focused, quality oriented and first to market with stylish bicycles that are fun to own. They have a great low step-through Easy Boarding model!

Schwinn Signature bikes are made using rigorous R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and design processes, and deliver the best-in-class value, quality and timeless style that you have come to expect from Schwinn. Schwinn Signature bikes are special orders.

Since 1972, Sun Bicycles has been all about the bike, and they'll always be that way — all day, every day. They're best know around Evolve for their adult tricycles and electric tricycles!

A passion for riding is at the heart and soul of Strider. From the first bike built by their founder for his 2 year old son, to the now 1,600,000+ bikes sold ‘round the world, inspiring kids to ride remains their mission.

Adams is dedicated to creating innovative kid-focused products that make riding bicycles safer, easier and more fun for the whole family. Their Trail-A-Bikes, Runners and Baby Seats are sturdy, easy-to-use and store, and they enable whole families to get out and share in the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) has been producing recumbent tricycles in England since 1999. This hard earned experience coupled with the pleasure of developing their unique recumbents drives them to continually refine their trike designs and hone the comfort and performance of each machine. Not all ICE Trikes will display in our catalog, so please contact us for availability. 

The unique Brompton folding bike was designed in London in 1975 and is still changing the way people live in and get around cities today. Bromptons are often called "the mother of all folding bikes". Bromptons will not display in our catalog, so please contact us for availability.

Based in Southwest Iowa, Day 6 develops bicycles that are comfortable and practical and fit the design of the human body.  Many people who are older or who have any number of physical limitations ride Day 6 bicycles.

For our list of electric bike brands, click here.

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