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Bike Trade-Ins

Interested in getting a new bike, but need to sell your old bike first?  Let us help you!  We've partnered with Bicycle Blue Book so you can apply the value of your old bike to a new bike purchase quickly and easily!  

Here's how:

Step 1 - Bring your clean bicycle into the shop for an evaluation. We'll look up your bicycle using Bicycle Blue Book's database, assess the condition of your bike and then provide you with an immediate trade-in value. You can also look up the trade-in value below before you bring your bike in.

Step 2 - Provide us with your state-issued ID and sign a declaration certifying that you are the legal owner of the bicycle to complete the trade-in process.  

Step 3 - Congratulations!  You can immediately apply the trade-in value of your old bike to the purchase of a new bike.  It's that simple!