Our Team

We're a small, but busy bike shop made up of happy people who love bikes!  And each one of our team members contributes to the vibe and success of our shop and the happiness of our customers.

Roger Robbins

Owner, Bike Enthusiast

From: Originally Syracuse, NY.  Grew up in Orlando, but moved to the Central Coast of California and Vancouver, British Columbia before returning to Orlando.

Experience: 20+ years in the software industry & 7 years in the bicycle world.  It was time to do what I love... and I love what I do!  

Why I Love Riding: Riding is exciting and clears my mind. I get my best ideas while riding my bike!

What I Ride: Cannondale Team F-Si, Bad Habit, and Supersix Evo Disc. And a QR PRSix.

My Dream Bike: My bike dreams have come true in my current collection, but maybe a sleek new electric model!

Little Known Fact: I believe that luck is the residue of design.

Renato Araujo

Customer Service & Resident Brazilian

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Experience:  Has been at Evolve for two years, but was an Event Producer/Planner in a previous life

Why I Love Riding:  Because its a great physical and mental detox

What I Ride:  Trek X-caliber 8

My Dream Bike: The 1982 Kuwahara BMX bike from E.T. -- but only if it flies!

Little Known Fact:  I'm psychic 

Thomas Strater

Customer Service, Mechanic, Resident Gamer and Star Wars Expert

From: Minneapolis, MN

Experience: 5 years working in various bike shops in the Orlando area

Why I Love Riding: Because I'm addicted to adrenaline

What I Ride: Trek Superfly 9.7, Redline Proline 24" and SE Lager

My Dream Bike: Santa Cruz 5010

Little Known Fact: I successfully completed a 3 heart run on The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Mike Nehrbas

Master Bike Mechanic, Dirt Jumper Extraordinaire 

From: Long Island, NY

Experience: 28 years working in various bike shops in the Orlando area. Wow!

Why I Love Riding: I enjoy being outdoors, plus nothing beats two wheels in the air!

What I Ride: Standard DJ, Giant Fathom, 24" unicycle, Giraffe Unicycle

My Dream Bike: I already have it! That's the benefit of working in a bike shop!

Hobbies: I'm a fishing and R/C enthusiast 

We're Hiring!

Bike Mechanic

We are hiring an experienced bike mechanic to be part of our fun, growing team. If you're interested, check out our Careers page.

Heather Robbins

All things Back Office - marketing, website, finance, etc.

From: South & Central California 

Experience:  15+ years in marketing and 7 years in the retail bike industry

Why I Love Riding:  Because I get to enjoy the great outdoors while getting some exercise -- and it's faster than walking or running!

What I Ride:  Cannondale Caffeine, Cannondale Quick CX and occasionally a Pedego Stretch!

Latest Goal:  Doing my first Half Ironman in 2018!