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ElliptiGO 11R
For the ultimate in elliptical cycling performance, choose the ElliptiGO 11R. With its lighter weight, smooth ride and extra gears on both the low and high end, the 11R will help you conquer any challenge you take on. Whether you are tackling an epic endurance ride or hammering through a speed session, the 11R delivers the power and performance you need to succeed. Make no mistake – the 11R is one comfortable ride, but it was built to compete. Give it your all. Features: - 16"-25" adjustable stride length - Long foot platform - Carbon fiber drive arms - Folding steering column - Ergonomic bar-ends - Customizable setup - 11-speed internal hub - Compatible with stationary trainers - Max rider weight capacity 250lbs
Brompton 6-Speed
$1,419.00 - $3,399.00
Built by hand in London since 1976, the Brompton is simple fun, agile adventure, stylish mobility, and potent portability all folded up into one extremely versatile bike. Explore the city from a comfortable, upright position as the steel frame and 16-inch aluminum wheels whisk you away to new experiences. Need to hop on a bus or the train? No problem. Bask in the freedom of truly multi-modal transportation, and in seconds, fold your Brompton into a suitcase-sized, easy-to-carry package, bring it aboard, and quickly unfold it at your destination to continue your two-wheeled journey. From there, your upgrade options are as endless as the possibilities of the locales you travel to: a titanium fork and rear stays for a lower weight; a multitude of gearing options for hills; racks and fenders for all-weather riding; handlebar options for a more upright or sporty position; a Brooks B17 Special or Brompton Wide saddle; dynamo hub lighting systems; even Schwalbe tires for extra puncture protection. If you're in it for the long haul, you can also deck your ride out in Brompton bags and tour the countryside. A Brompton can take you everywhere, and, thanks to the bike's highly compact form when folded, you can take it just about anywhere, too!
ElliptiGO 8C
If you want the perfect combination of price and performance, the ElliptiGO 8C is for you. Fitness enthusiasts and cross-training athletes alike enjoy the long, smooth stride, wide gear range, and running-like motion of the 8C. Of course, like all ElliptiGO bikes, you can adjust the stride length and handlebar height to dial-in your perfect riding position, whether you are going for a long cruising ride or hammering an interval workout. For comfort, performance and price, the ElliptiGO 8C delivers the best bang for your buck, which is why it’s the most popular elliptical bicycle on the market. Features: - 16"-25" adjustable stride length - Long foot platform - Telescopic steering column - Ergonomic bar-ends - Customizable setup - 8-speed internal hub - Compatible with stationary trainers - Max rider weight capacity 250lbs
ElliptiGO 3C
The ElliptiGO 3C delivers a great cardio workout without the impact of running or being stuck indoors. With its three gears, this entry-level long-stride model is ideal for flat terrain or gently rolling hills. You can enjoy a comfortable cruising experience or push the pace — the 3C is capable of hitting speeds up to 25 mph. Its adjustable stride length and handlebar height enable you to get into the perfect position to experience a natural, running-like feeling. Get outside and have fun exercising on the ElliptiGO 3C! Features: - 16"-25" adjustable stride length - Long foot platform - Telescopic steering column - Ergonomic bar-ends - Customizable setup - 3-speed internal hub - Compatible with stationary trainers - Max rider weight capacity 250lbs
ElliptiGO MSUB
The Mountain Stand Up Bike takes stand up cyclists where they’ve never gone before: off-road. From dirt trails to urban landscapes, this cardio-chameleon allows riders of all levels to customize where they GO. Accept any challenge with knobby, 27.5” tires, smooth, 100mm front suspension, and high-performance disc brakes. New adventures await with the comfortable, fun and hyper-efficient workout experience you expect from ElliptiGO bikes. Whatever your mountain, climb it with the MSUB.
ElliptiGO RSUB
ROAD PERFORMANCE REDEFINED Freedom has arrived in the slick and stylish Road Stand Up Bike. The ElliptiGO RSUB is the premier road product in the SUB lineup and may be the fastest stand up bike on the road today. Full-size 700c tires and disc brakes provide a secure, steady and powerful ride, giving you the confidence to cruise or compete. Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll be riding in comfort and torching calories while you reinvent life on two wheels! 300lb Weight Limit SPECIFICATIONS Wheelbase 46.5? (118cm) Total Length 74.4? (189cm) Weight 31.4 lbs (14.2 kg) Operating Height 43.3-49.6? (110-126cm) Storing Height (with front wheel) 43.3? (110 cm) with steering extender Storing Height (no front wheel) 43.3? (110 cm) with steering extender Storing Height (w/ front wheel) Crank Length 5.9” (150mm) Gears/Speeds 8 Total Gear Range 309% Avg Gear Step 18% Gear Ratio Range 1.4 – 4.4 Gear Inch Range 39 – 121 Stride Length 11.8? (30 cm) Gain Ratio Range COMPONENTS Front and Rear Brakes Mechanical Disc brakes Grips Clamp on anti-rotation, with Ergonomic shelf Cranks Custom forged aluminum Frame 6061-T6 Aluminum Fork 700C butted chro-moly with 1.5” steerer Brake Levers Two finger levers Propulsion System Circular Drive Drive Arms N/A Track System N/A Chainring 48-tooth, 130 BCD, 6061 – T6 aluminum Cassette 8-speed 11-34 tooth range Bottom Bracket Oversized M48, isis spline, sealed bearings Sprocket N/A – Uses Cassette Hub Alloy freewheel hub Steering Column Adjustable height index locking Steering Extender Chro-moly steel, anti-rotation indexing Headset 1.5” threadless Kickstand Single leg, forged aluminum kickstand Tires Kenda Kwest, 700 x 40C 60TPI, 85-psi Handlebar Alu. MTB Flat bar, 31.8mm dia x 720mm wide Stem Forged aluminum, 31.8mm dia bar, 80mm x 7 deg Shifter 8-speed trigger Front Wheel 700C aluminum, 32-spoke Rear Wheel 700C aluminum, 32-spoke PERFORMANCE Climbing Activity - Climb steep hills up to 20-30% grade Recommended Riding Terrain - Flat & Hilly Terrain Workout Resistance Selection - 8 different levels of resistance. 309% total resistance range. 18% difference between levels
Sun Seeker Eco-Tad SX
The Eco-Tad SX is the newest edition to the Sun Seeker tadpole trike family. This is our most affordable tadpole trike, but just because it's affordable doesn't mean that it isn't full of features. It has a fully adjustable mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom that keeps you cool and comfortable on long outings. Plus, there are spare bottle mounts on the seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for the long hauls. - Fits riders with an X-Seam of 31" – 53" (31 – 79cm)
ElliptiGO SUB
Responsive, nimble and quick: enjoy a whole new riding experience with our new Stand Up Bike. Get a fun, killer full-body workout in less time and burn 33% more calories than riding a traditional bike. Enjoy the familiar bicycle pedal stroke without the neck, back and seat pain. Light and portable, this bike is ready to go wherever you GO. The SUB is ideal for whatever your goals are, whether it’s getting fit fast or getting from point A to point B. Benefits: Low-Impact A smooth, stand up motion provides a great workout that’s gentle on your knees, hips, ankles and back. Fun To Ride The speed, handling and motion feels exhilarating giving you a carefree exercise experience at any age. Comfortable The natural “stand up” riding position reduces stress on your neck and back while completely eliminating seat pain. Heart Healthy Burns 33% more calories than a traditional bicycle, providing a better workout in less time. Outside Meant to ride outdoors on the same paths that you walk, jog, run or bike. Increased Visibility A higher riding position makes it easier for you to see and be seen. One-Size Fits All The steering height are adjustable so riders from 4’10” to 6’10” can find their optimal fit for a comfortable ride. Great Full-Body Workout The stand-up position engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs. Weight-Bearing Exercise Gets your heart rate up, burns calories and helps to improve bone density. Portable Can fit inside most vehicles and on a variety of roof, trunk and hitch racks.
Sun Bicycles Shortcut 7
The Shortcut 7 is a purpose-built folding bike for the rider who finds free space is premium. It's compact, lightweight, easily folds away, and can spring into action with the flick of a few levers. The 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain provides plenty of gears for any uphill travel you may encounter, and linear-pull brakes deliver reliable speed control on the way down. Folded size is 31"L x 27"H x 15"W. A sturdy steel rear rack, plastic fenders, and a steel kickstand are included. This Shortcut is the perfect roommate and travel companion!
Sun Bicycles Flat Top Extreme Unicycle
$249.99 - $279.99
For total "fun on one," Sun's Flat Top Extreme Unicycle is the way to go. This fun ride sports a chromoly frame, a bomb-proof ISIS spindle hub, and aluminum crank arms for maximum stiffness and impact-resistance. The seat has a built-in grab bar for extra control in tight spots. This lightweight, extra-responsive unicycle will entertain you for years to come and help develop your one-wheeled skills!
Sun Bicycles Classic Unicycle
$119.99 - $179.99
For "fun on one," look to Sun's Classic Unicycle. The steel frame sports a classic unicrown design and is built for excellent strength and reliability. Plus, the wheel spins on sealed bearings for durability, while the quick-release seatpost makes seat adjustments a snap. And speaking of seats, the Classic's offers top-notch comfort, balance, and bumpers to protect it, too.
Sun Bicycles Flat Top Classic Unicycle
$159.99 - $169.99
If you're looking for some fun on one wheel, then Sun's Flat Top Classic Unicycle is just the ticket. The steel frame is tough and reliable, while the aluminum rim and grippy tire make for effortless pedaling. Plus, the wheel spins on durable sealed bearings, and the quick-release seatpost makes adjustments a snap.
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