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Electric Bikes

We know electric bikes (it’s in our name!) and have traveled to trade shows and manufacturer HQs to find the best brands and models for specific riding types. We test ride all sorts of e-bikes, meet with manufacturers and talk to other electric bike dealers to ensure the brands we choose are high-quality. There are hundreds of electric bike brands out there, but as a professional bike shop, the electric bikes brands we support must come from solid companies that can provide excellent customer service, upgrades and warranty support -- now and into the future. 

Shop Our Electric Bikes

We have a great selection of our top electric bike brands available in the shop, but can get any model/configuration of the brands we support from our suppliers within a few days.

Magnum Electric Bikes

Magnum Electric Bikes

Magnum Bikes has been a leader in the innovation and design of electric bicycles since 2010. They believe that electric bicycles are changing the concept of travel and provide a clean, efficient and exciting new mode of transportation that is affordable to all. 

Biria Electric Bikes

Originally from Germany, Biria Bikes USA was born in 2002 with the desire to bring bicycles to North America that captured the same spirit embodied in the most popular models being ridden all across Europe. They are committed to giving customers the ultimate comfort and quality in riding bicycles. 

GoCycle Electric Bikes

GoCycle Electric Bikes

Gocycle is the brainchild of a former Mclaren Cars design engineer with a 25- year career working in the motorsports and light electric vehicle industry. Inspired by F1 high-performance and automotive design, the multi-award winning Gocycle is the first injection-moulded magnesium alloy bicycle in history. Lightest in class, environmentally sustainable and stylish with on-demand electric power, Gocycle is an automotive joy to live with.

Electra Bicycles Company

Electra Bicycle Company Electric Bikes

Electra’s Bosch-powered Go! e-bikes make it easier, faster and way more fun to get there. You can ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. They’re simple, intuitive, capable and comfortable. All you have to do is get on and Go!

Electra Bicycles Company

Montague Electric Bikes

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Montague Bikes has been committed to producing high performance, full-size folding bikes since 1987.

Cannondale Electric Bikes

Cannondale's goal is to create e-bikes that are so rider-focused, so seamlessly integrated and so much fun to ride, that you forget you've got power assist, forget you're on an e-bike, forget everything except how good it feels to be on that bike, in that moment.

Schedule A Demo / Test Ride

We strongly encourage our customers to test ride our electric bikes. Walk-ins are always welcome (during business hours, that is!) but if you'd like to schedule an appointment to talk about electric bike technology, the brands we carry and test ride bikes in stock, we will make sure our electric bike specialists are available for you. Just email us at or give us a call at (321) 939-2453 to schedule. 

Electric Bike Basics

If you want to learn more about who rides electric bikes, the benefits, the technology and more, just hop on over to our Electric Bike Basics page.

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