Pedego Electric Bikes

We love everything about Pedego.  We love the bikes... the colors, the styles, the way they ride, the quality. And we love the people... they're great to work with and they really do have world-class customer service. That's why Pedego is our number one best selling electric bike brand. Come check them out and take one for a test ride! 

All of the models below can be configured with different frame colors, wheels/tires and motors/batteries.  Just click the "shop Pedego" link below for details about each model in our online catalog.

All of our in-stock Pedegos are on sale!!!  

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Check out each of the Pedego models in more detail in our online catalog. Please note that we are required to post MSRP/MAP prices, but all of our IN STOCK PEDEGOS are on sale at deep DISCOUNTS! Please call us for pricing at 321-939-2453 or email

Rent a Pedego Electric Bike

We always offer free electric bike test rides at the shop, but have Pedego electric bikes available for rent if you want an extended trial.  And, if you end up purchasing a Pedego from us, we will apply the cost of the rental to your purchase!


The Pedego Interceptor is the electric bike that has it all — combining beach cruiser comfort and style with breathtaking performance and user friendly features.  Comes in Classic, Step-Thru and upgraded Platinum Interceptor models.

City Commuter

The Pedego City Commuter is a complete package with everything you could possibly want in an electric bike — all in one place for a reasonable price. Comes in Classic, Step-Thru and upgraded Mid- Drive and Black Edition models.

Comfort Cruiser

The Pedego Comfort Cruiser is the original Pedego Electric Bike — with new improvements that make it even more fun.


The Pedego Boomerang is the most accessible electric bicycle ever — making riding more fun and easy for everyone.


The Pedego Stretch is the electric bike that delivers the goods (literally) — empowering you to haul people and stuff with ease!


The Pedego Latch is an electric folding bike like no other – it rides like a dream and easily folds in about 30 seconds.

Ridge Rider

The Pedego Ridge Rider is the ultimate electric mountain bike – giving you the freedom to venture off the beaten path and enjoy the great outdoors.

Trail Tracker

The Pedego Trail Tracker is the monster truck of electric bikes — it can go places and do things that no other bike can.  Perfect for the beach!  Comes in a Gorilla edition too with a more comfortable saddle and wide cruiser style handlebars.


The Pedego Trike is a comfortable and stylish three-wheeler – empowering more people to safely enjoy riding.


The Pedego Tandem is the world’s only electric bicycle built for two — riding is twice as much fun with someone you love.

Conveyor - Coming Soon!

The Pedego Conveyor is a bicycle commuter’s dream machine – with the latest technology seamlessly integrated with practical features for everyday use.

Elevate - Coming Soon!

The Pedego Elevate will take you to the highest heights – sporting premium components, cutting edge technology, and fine-tuned frame geometry.

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