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The Caledonia is a bike for the rides that kick off at the cafe, hammer up thoroughfares to get out of town, wind through chip-seal backroads, take that cutty dirt road that links up to the base of the mountain, and then scream downhill back toward home.

$5,400.00 - $6,000.00
$3,060.00 - $3,600.00

Stable, Carefree, and Confidence-inspiring Built for the Way You Want to Ride

Caledonia doesn’t fit in a box nicely, and we like it that way. You could call it an “all road” or “endurance” bike, but when it comes right down to it, the Caledonia is the bike we keep reaching for when we know the odometer’s going well past the triple digit mark. 

34mm tire clearance | 31mm with fenderSpeedy and Versatile

Long rides invariably have some smooth tarmac, some junk pavement over backroads, a cutty singletrack connector, and maybe even your own local Strade Bianche sector. So we built a bike that could take on all of them, do it well, and fit fenders in case the ominous clouds turn into a downpour 130km into your day. 

Race Bred

Faster and faster handling isn’t necessarily better—Cervelo is evolving toward handling informed by a specific use- case. In this case it’s Roubaix. Roubaix is harder on bikes than any other race on the calendar, and there’s zero margin for error. Cervelo increased the rear center (compare this to the R3 that was raced last year), lowered the BB, and increased the trail. Relatively speaking the handling is still fast, but they’ve added more stability.

Inspiring & Refined

This bike is still a race bike—it was designed and will be used as Cervelo’s teams’ Roubaix bike. Rather than designing multiple versions of the bike with various fit profiles (R5, R3, etc.) like they’ve done in the past, they were able to design a system that enables a broad range of fits on a single bike while maintaining the aesthetic cleanliness our riders demand. That cleanliness is far from just aesthetic, too—you know it’s going to be fast because there’s nothing interrupting the flow of air over the front end.


We don’t see road bikes as fragile machines meant only for putting watts into and receiving speed from. They’re an extension of our soul, of the way we want to see our worlds, and the lives we want to live. Sometimes that means cutting across park grass, and sometimes it’s seeing where that dirt road off to the left leads you. The Caledonia-5 is a bike for the modern road rider.

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