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      Electric Bicycles

      Never heard of an electric bicycle or e-bike?  You're not alone.  Although fairly new to the United States, bicycles with electric motors to help pedal are increasing in popularity.  

      They're great for:

      - people with short commutes, such as high school and college students and those living within 10 miles from work.  Save money on gas, avoid traffic, always find a parking space and remain sweat-free!  

      getting people back on bikes that have had health or fitness challenges.   Do your knees start hurting mid-ride?  Are the hills or head winds too much to handle?  Have trouble keeping up with your spouse or kids? Use the quiet electric motor to help you get through the tough parts of your ride.

      - anyone who wants a great looking and fun ride!  If you haven't tried riding one yet, stop by the shop and give one a whirl.  We promise you'll be smiling when you're done!

      We carry electric bicycles from Pedego, Stromer, Easy Motion and the BionX electric bicycle motor kit to add electric pedaling assistance to any bicycle.  And we now offer FINANCING options through First Mutual Finance to help you purchase the electric bike of your dreams!  

      Click on the manufacturers listed below for more information on models, pricing, etc. 






      To find out more about electric bicyles, please check out:

      What is an Electric Bicycle?

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