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13 Blake Blvd.
Celebration, FL

321-939-BIKE (2453)


MTWF: 10 am - 6 pm
TH & SAT: 10 am - 5 pm

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      Customer Testimonials

      We care what our customers think about us.  If you are ever not satisfied with your experience at Evolve Bicycles, please let us know and we'll do our best to remedy the situation.  We want everyone to be a happy customer!

      Here's what some of our customers had to say about us:

      Evolve has a friendly, neighborhood feel to it -- the shop is fully stocked with bikes and gear for all ages and biking aspirations. And the crew is very amiable and skilled, listening to their customers and acting quickly to meet their needs. Love my Townie! - Karen Grey 

      I want to thank both Ben Stutzman and Kevin McDaniel for demonstrating excellent customer service! They both were understanding of the issue with my son’s bike and replaced the faulty tire and inner tube even though it was at no fault of the shop’s.  The manufacturer produced a tire that was obviously not to standard which contributed to excessive wear of the inner tube. I have owned two small businesses prior and would be proud of my employees if they conducted themselves the way that Mr. Stutzman and Mr. McDaniel handled the situation.  This level of service has been missing in most businesses over past few years and it was really nice to see that there are a few left who believe in great customer service.  Thank you for your compassion and friendly service! - Glenn Randall

      "For the first time I was able to win my age group in an Olympic Distance Tri.  The race went well overall but particularly the bike segment.  I can't thank Evolve Bikes enough for handling all the mechanics and working out all the little kinks in my bike.  They are friendly, knowlegable and work hard to get you and your bike in top form.  I was even able to grab last minute race nutrition at the shop.  I plan to use Evolve Bicycles for all my biking and endurance sports needs." - Dr. Ben Lerner

      "I wanted to share my experience with a local business.  I asked someone I knew that is an avid bike rider for a reference on a bike shop and she mentioned Evolve Bicycles.  So I went there to get information as I am thinking about starting to try triathlons.  Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable about everything, they also didn't pressure me into buying anything I didn't need.  I went in there with my grandfather's road bike from the 80's that I wanted to use for my first triathlon and they made it ready and I couldn't be happier. Kevin and Roger were such a big help. I was clueless in this area and Kevin literally walked me through almost everything I needed to know about the bike and what I should look for with what I wanted to use the bike for.  It really is hard to find good customer service in my opinion and Kevin and Roger went above and beyond. I highly, highly recommend them." - Ryan Taminini 

      "Just stopped in for some quick help for the first time and was greeted with excellent customer service! And all I needed was a bolt for my seat post! Keep up the good work and I will be sure to stop in again real soon" - Greogry Wilson

      "The store is awesome. Psyched you guys are in Celebration so I can now ride my bike to get all my bike needs. Also, thanks for the Active Network presence on the site - hopefully we can do more in the future to help make Evolve the huge success it's destined to become! Good stuff." - Dave Landa

      Great shop and even better people! I have compared prices and found them to be competitive and so I recommend the local shop. I have bought my new road bike from them and many cycle accessories plus workshop work on my old bike. Superb service all around. - David Nash

      Great place, great people, great service! - Paul Myers

      "Thanks for letting me demo the e-bike. I wouldn't have even considered getting an electric bike if it weren't for your demo. Frankly, I originally thought that electric bikes were for lazy people who didn't want to pedal. But it was pure fun to be able to keep up with the cars in Celebration. And it was such a great workout as well. I became exhausted quicker than the batteries ran out. This is arguably as fun as my Lamborghini. Thanks Brian! Good luck with your store." - Allen Leung

      "Thanks so much for all your help and guidance to the best bike for Ava !!! It is PERFECT!" - Terri Zollinger